7 Common Misconceptions On Topping Up Aircon Gas

If you have air conditioning in your home or office, you probably have hired a service technician for air conditioners. You need to check your air conditioner to make sure it still works Urgent Aircon Servicing Singapore. The cost of installing air conditioning units is high, which is why it is necessary to ensure long-term sustainability of this investment. Air conditioning units should be regularly maintained on a regular basis to extend their useful life and maintain their efficiency. There is always a service in the checklist of any air conditioning specialist to increase the cost of air conditioning. But not everyone is familiar with air conditioning; the result has many misunderstandings.Image result for Aircon Servicing

Next time you need to replenish the air conditioner, you should keep in mind the following misconceptions and the corresponding instructions:

It is not necessary to fill gas for the air conditioner

Because many people do not know much about such air-conditioning services, they often neglect this. They also believe that their air conditioners work well without going through this service.

Then this is a big problem. Let me state the different reasons why the above statement is not correct.

  • Gas Toping is one of the most common services air conditioning experts provide to customers in Singapore.
  • Many residents in the country know that their advantages and disadvantages are understandable if their air conditioning unit is not collapsed.
  • This is a major air conditioning service in Singapore.

So, next time you check the air conditioner, do not forget to remind a technician, if he forgot, fill your air conditioner gas.

Filling Aircon Gas is not part of a regular maintenance program

Contrary to what anyone else believes, the regular maintenance program for all air-conditioning service companies does include the cost of additional air conditioning. It is actually one of the first services provided in the maintenance program.


Note the following statement:

  • Some people think you need to pay a separate price just to get your air conditioner gas full. Well, this is definitely no.
  • Maintenance procedures can not be continued without air conditioning, as successive services rely on this air conditioning service.

Air conditioning gas top up is easy to do

This service is definitely not one of those easy to do air-conditioning services. It covers a lot of things; it handles freons, compressors, evaporators and some things that will be discussed later in this article. Depending on the air conditioning unit, this service can take hours to complete.

Aerated Aircon gas has nothing to do with air conditioning efficiency

This statement is another big no.  Given the fact that charging air conditioners are about freons and compressors, you can already conclude that they deal with the most important parts of air conditioning units. So if your freon leaks, it will not affect your air conditioning efficiency. Many people consider the service irrelevant to air conditioning efficiency because they do not really understand what the service is.

Refueling air conditioning is not conducive to reducing energy consumption

This is really wrong. As your air conditioner fills up, you will have less energy consumption. Recharge can provide the following advantageous services:

  • Supplement to fix freon leaks.
  • Make up the entire air conditioning system.

Of course, it will automatically follow your energy consumption will drop. Therefore, you not only save energy, but also save money.


Air conditioning units in the gas content is low, will not cause an alarm

When someone tells them that their air conditioners are low, many people ignore it. Well, the situation is different. The first thing you need to do when you hear someone or find your air conditioner’s gas levels getting lower is to call an air-conditioning technician.

Please keep in mind the following points:

  • Low gas content relates to slight leakage of air conditioning system. Although it’s small, it needs to be fixed right away to keep it functioning.
  • If your air conditioning unit is relatively new, it is much easier to repair because it has a natural connection to avoid leaks.
  • However, if your equipment is old, air-conditioning technicians need to perform more complex procedures; this is certainly more time-consuming.

Not filling your air conditioner gas is not expensive

Many overlook the fact that they need to fill their air conditioners because they do not think it will cost them too much. Well, sadly, this is really expensive. When you can not check your air conditioner with a trusted air conditioning technician, leaks and damage within the system can cause more complex problems. Compressors for air conditioning units may fail and may need to be replaced, which is undoubtedly expensive.

Other things, if you do not check your air conditioner, the following can happen:

  • Air-conditioner evaporator coils may freeze due to low gas content and may freeze in no time. In some cases, not only needs to be replaced or repaired evaporator coil, the entire system must also be replaced.
  • Freon exposure to the environment is absolutely dangerous as Freon, a refrigerant gas, is considered a controlled substance. Therefore, freons and other related parts should also be replaced, which means another cost for you.

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